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what the "F" !!!!!!! i'll put my D in your A

band practice was badass
its really comin together
i hated teh band name
so i kept suggesting new ones

i think the band name now is
the bukake's
or straight up bukake
im not sure
but i like em both

so bukake on your chin like a bad goatee

got to see allison today after a long awaited period of 2 days
seemed like forever i tell you
like forever
i dont even know what we did
we went to sonic and got lunch
and i dont think we did anything else heh
watched tv
and were sad together
allison elbowed me in the face and made my nose bleed
------------ see said it was an accident but i know the truth
------------ shes mad that i have band practice
atleast everyone was happy at the end of the day though
so thats all that counts
you can never go to sleep angry
i think i heard that in some movie or some "S"

so "F" you, im goin to find something to do

happy cinqo de miyo?
or some shizz
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