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restitched dreams

not to be taken seriously

my sewn up heart
12 January
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i like to get drunk and do stuff minus the do stuff
some people have hobbies, i like to break stuff

marry me marry me marry me heh
lets go live in an igloo
3 chord punk, 7-inches, a good dump, a radio with guts, angry samoans, aquabats, arcade games, atom and his package, avoiding beatings, backwood creatures, bass, beating down, beating off, beating up, beatnik termites, beer, bein broke, bein lazy, ben weasel, blowjobs, blue jeans, boddingtons, boobs, bowling, breaking even, breaking shit, broken bottles, broken dreams, broken hearts, broken promises, bubblegum punk, camels, chealsea hawks, cheap anything, cheap cigarettes, cheap cigars, cheap vodka, cheap whores, cheap wine, cheesy horror movies, chelseas, chicks, chicks with cars, choking victim, circle jerks, citrus vodka, connie dungs, cuban cigars, dares, dischenchanted, english draught beer, ep's, fa sho, fifteen, fight club, fonzie, gauged ears, german beer, goldfish, goofy punk, green apple vodka, groovie ghoulies, guiness draught, guitar, horror flicks, hotels, huntingtons, i love lesbians, imported beer, independence, insulting, insults, jacking off, juggs, kegs, lactose intolerence, leftover crack, liqour store whores, losing, loves a mother fucker, lp's, marin, marlboro reds, mohawks, mr. t experience, old nofx, old school punk, orange vodka, partys, peawees, peirced clits, peirced lips, peirced nips, personality, porn, punk rock, punk rock chicks, quarts, ramones, ramones based punk, records, screeching weasel, shizzle, sleep, sloppy meat eaters, sloppy seconds, smoking cigarettes, smoking stuff, snot punk, sonic dolls, stinking polecats, strawberry vodka, synthesizers, tattoes, tattoes of booze, tattoes with booze, the adicts, the apers, the clash, the lillingtons, the manges, the queers, the riverdales, the vag, the vandals, the vindictives, thug life, tits, toys that kill, trainspotting, travoltas, turturros, vegetarians, vinyls, vocals, wearing hats sideways, werewolf flicks, winning, zombie flicks