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dont want to go to work today, dont want to go to work at all

i dont wanna punch a clock, ya i just wanna punch a wall!

so now i work full time at the bp gas station on rouse and university
the job isn't to bad, or degrading
except when i have to put on this useless neon orange, yellow striped vest
"to protect me from vehicles while im on the lot"
and then i have to get this little dust pan and broom and sweep up cigarette butts

but moneys money
atleast im productive
unlike some people.......................*cough cough*
gotta work in an hour

i need to have band practice so we can play more shows
the last one was classic
everyone started a pit in the outhouse of a bar we were playing at
then as the drunkness progresses beer bottles and clans were tossed round the place like beer was pouring from the heavens
stick out your tongue and let the good times roll
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