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have i told you that i really love you, even though i really really bug you

haven't updated in a long long time
almost forgot i had an account
nothing new really happens though

allison lives the floor below me now
so that means that i live at allisons apartment
and on the 18th we will have been dating for a year
fo shizzle
me and allison are going to canada for christmas
snow angels and snowmen
who woulda thunk x-mas could be sucha blast
white christmas for all them bitches

MTv news update:---------------------------------------------------------------------***

the bands back together
new drummer, new name
Paul Tooth and the Anamals

josh gingivitis representin

so band practice wednesday
and supposedly we're playing a show thursday night at underground bluz
but who knows
( Dawsons Creek is sucha bad show, so why do i always catch myself watching it?)

lifes good
school sucks, test tonight, need to study, how do you study speech?
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