my sewn up heart (mysewnupheart) wrote,
my sewn up heart

blood is thicker than water my "f"in ass

i was lookin through my old picks that were taken before i moved to florida
a kinda rememberence of everything i was leaving behind i guess
and i missed my step mom
and i got sad because her mother is dying of cancer and i wanted to call her to tell her that im sorry and i love her and miss her
but no one was home

so i tried to call my dad
but hes in the middle of an appointment or something
and said he'd call back
so i said ok i love you
and he said ok yep i'll call you back

its just weird that my dad cant tell me that he loves me i guess

but my grandpa shows no affection at all either

so i guess it is normal
but it just seems weird when you tell someone that you love them
and there like yea, ok

12:23 and im to tired to face the rest of the day
i just want it to be tomorrow so i can see the love of my life
and then have my first show with the bukakkes
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