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that girl i try so hard to understand what you're talking about..... <3

best weekend ever
of course i say this every weekend
but it is always better and better

seeing mean girls, and havine lots of laughs
sitting by a bunch of fat ugly gothic kids
getting pissed off and yelling "shut the fuck up"
at the exact moment that the theatre gets quite, so it seems like i yell it as loud as i possibly could
people look around
gothic kids shut up

late night drinking, followed by late night swimming
leading to late night kisses and late night cuddling
waking up refreshed, neither of us with hang overs
sitting around being lazying, saying just 5 more minutes and we'll get ready
lunch at panera for a second day in a row
there soup and sandwiches are fetch, haha fetch
crazy homeless guy spinning around and talking to himself

seeinga second movie, godsend
allison convincing her mom to stay the night again

uh oh its 11:11 make a wish
i know i just did

feeling sick
having chicken noodle soup and feeling so much better
watching crazy soft softcore porn on the oxygen channel heh
waking up with kisses and hugs and cuddle
eating boo berry cereal
then the oh so sad, but kiss filled goodbyes as allison drives off into the distance heh

now im off to clean, have band practice, and await my best friends visit tonight
i like being truly happy
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